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The fitness center at Aloha is located in the Fab 15 building on the first floor. 

The fitness center offers an excellent selection of group exercise classes for all fitness levels taught by Intel®Vitality Program coaches. This includes EXOS Total-Body Strength, EXOS Metabolic Challenge, and EXOS Foundations group exercise classes. All group classes are free for Blue Badge employees. Stop by and try one out.


Interested in metabolic training? EXOS Energy System Development (ESD) Technology on Precor treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes uses state-of-the-art technology to take the guesswork out of cardio training by tailoring programming to your fitness level and goals. After a quick evaluation on any EXOS ESD-enabled Precor cardio unit, you’ll receive interval workouts that are personalized to you and automatically evolve as your performance improves. Each time you hop on a Precor machine, it’s easy to pick back up and continue advancing toward your personal fitness goals. By using EXOS ESD technology, you’ll burn more calories, increase your oxygen intake, and improve your strength, stamina, and energy. ​ This facility is also equipped with VersaClimbers and a full line of strength training equipment. The Intel® Vitality Program team is available on-site to help you acclimate to the center and answer any equipment-related questions.

To learn more about Intel® Vitality Program services and explore the full spectrum of offerings available to Intel employees, visit the Inside Blue Global Health and Wellness page.

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