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The RA3 fitness center is located on the first floor of RA3, directly down the hallway past security from the main entrance.

This facility is unique in its own way, offering employees a garage gym like experience. Outfitted with a custom Beaverfit training rig, allowing for Olympic lifting, squats, pull ups, box jumps, and many more strength based movements. RA3 also is equipped with  Precor treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes, along with VersaClimbers and Assault bikes. The Intel® Vitality Program team is available on-site to help you acclimate to the center and answer any equipment-related questions you may have. This fitness center also offers an excellent selection of group exercise classes for all fitness levels taught by Intel® Vitality Program coaches. All group classes are complementary to Blue Badge employees, stop by and try one out.

Exos Fit App - Designed with you in mind, the Exos Fit app allows all employees – remote, onsite, and hybrid access to the Intel® Vitality Program. Covering the four pillars of performance – mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery, services are offered both live and on-demand. Utilize the Exos Fit app to chat with a coach and discover all the free services available to you.

Sync your app! The Exos Fit app will sync directly to your preferred onsite fitness center. Allowing you ease when looking for onsite or virtual services. Once you download let your coach know your preferred fitness center.

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Gym Hours: 24/7

Staffed Hours: 9AM - 6PM Monday - Friday


Questions? Contact us at 

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