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The weight room and gym space is located on the first floor of SS3-1

At SHTP there are a number of spaces to complete your fitness routine. The weight room is equipped with a variety of equipment that you can use for all types of workouts. You’re welcome to use this space on your own or join one of the many group exercise classes or small group trainings offered throughout the day. The gym space has cardio equipment for your use and also where you can attend classes. Additionally, check the schedule for classes taking place on the 3rd floor.


Group exercise classes are open to all fitness levels. There is a wide variety of class types including yoga, Zumba, strength training, and meditation. Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Exos Fit App - Designed with you in mind, the Exos Fit app allows all employees – remote, onsite, and hybrid access to the Intel® Vitality Program. Covering the four pillars of performance – mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery, services are offered both live and on-demand. Utilize the Exos Fit app to chat with a coach and discover all the free services available to you.

Sync your app! The Exos Fit app will sync directly to your preferred onsite fitness center. Allowing you ease when looking for onsite or virtual services. Once you download let your coach know your preferred fitness center.


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Gym Hours: 24/7

Staffed Hours: 6AM - 6PM Monday - Friday


Have questions or concerns? Email us at

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