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Working together to make your way of life healthy.

The Intel  Vitality Program is focused on building a community of health and wellness.


Surround yourself with friends and co-workers working toward the same goal in group nutrition and movement services. And if you need one-on-one time to stay on track, schedule an evaluation or try fee-based personal training.

Plus, you’ll learn how to build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle using EXOS’ four pillars: mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery. Through the Intel® Vitality Program, you’ll have access to the things that are vital to your health – the ingredients you need to perform at a high level, day after day.



+ Group coach consultation* (unlimited)

+ Group nutrition* (unlimited)

+ 1:1 coach evaluation (2)

+ Small group training (unlimited)

+ Group exercise (unlimited)

+ Skill-building series* (unlimited)

+ Guided Paths

+ Personal training$

*Conducted either in person or remote, depending on the employee’s work location.
$Fee based service.

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